TATU President was invited to attend soliciting opinion meeting about general technical specifications of road marking

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Mr Wang ,the director of TATU GROUP ,was invited to attend meeting in Jinan,Shandong province On December 3rd, which was hosted by Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport,and co-organized by Shandong highway transportation construction to exchange the opinions about general technical specifications of road marking. Meanwhile there were more than 30 experts and scholars attending this session from all over the country. 


In the discussion of the General technical specification for highway road marking, Mr Wang put forward 31 professional suggestions and some related insightful comments.

Mr Wang said China had world-leading level of road, bridges and urban infrastructure, which means they should also match corresponding the road marking paint, advanced road marking construction methods (equipment and technology) and road safety measures.In order to standardize general technical draft of the road marking materials, construction and safety road marking,to some extend,we have to make sure that draft contents can be consistent in the international industry standards, and fully reflect the latest development level of current materials,equipment and technology,which needs a little prospective.He also added that high-quality road marking relies on the type of marking paint,the production facilities, high-class raw materials , qualified testing reports, and advanced marking equipment. As China's road construction belief from mainly relied on building to mainly relied on maintaining then to both combined, we had to upgrade the methods by using the road marking truck and attenuator crash truck instead of pushing or pulling by manpower.   

It is known to all that development level of road marking inferior to the development level of road construction,which is the reason why we started to revise general technical specifications of road line marking construction work. There is no denying that it is still a widely systematic work in the messy industry. Although the task was complicated and tough, we tried to make contents more comprehensive,systematic,standard,normative and advanced.Mr Wang's professional views and forward-looking opinions have been affirmed and recognized by many experts in the meeting.

In order to make sure of the expertise and precise of the General Technical Specification for highway marking, the organizer specially invited 3 leaders from traffic products

manufacturing  company which represented the highest level of the industry.TATU group, as an outstanding company in this industry for 23 years, they still adhered to focusing on research and development of traffic products and professional service operation, and still adhered to the principle of good faith, higher quality, sustainable development, and customer-oriented policy. Meanwhile we still adhere to specialize,competitive, sustainable, customer-oriented principle to help global customers improve timeless value.

The successful convening of the session played a crucial and positive role in completing the specification.The published specification will be beneficial to specify the design, construction, acceptance, maintenance and material selection of road traffic marking, and even making clear  of the relevant general technical requirements is of great practical significance to improve the quality of road traffic marking.


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