Hundred tons of TATU paint exported to Chile

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Customers from Chile ordered nearly 100 tons of  hot melt road marking paint from TATU group  which is located in Tongzhou Bay Jiang-Hai(Yangtze River-Sea) Joint Development Demonstration Zone, Jiangsu Province.The goods drifted across the sea from Shanghai Yangshan port, and would arrive San Antonio port in 30 days.


The staff in the International Marketing Center of TATU Group said that the Chilean customers were rather experienced in this industry. They not only stressed the importance of the product quality, and also put forward some suggestions about packaging.They mentioned they wanted use the melting bag as package and they mean that sort of bag has been widely used in European and American countries.Considering the hot melt paint needs to be put into melting kettle for heating,it not only greatly improved the convenience of feeding,and eliminate dust pollution and reduce amount of solid waste, and the packaging bag were made from EVA materials, which can effectively improve crack resistance when they were mixed in it.Since 2018, TATU Group had successively exported a number of hot-melt marking paint with this packaging type, which was deeply favored by domestic and foreign customers.

Hot melt marking paint with fusible bags 


All goods were set and ready to set off

Customers gave us a high praise and exclaimed that they will continue to deepen the mutual cooperation in 2020, meanwhile they decided to increase the frequency of order, so that they will expand the shares in other domestic regional markets.

In the past two years of cooperation with us, TATU road marking materials have won excellent market reputation in the Chilean industry market with brilliant product quality. As the deepening of cooperation between the two sides, TATU Group had become the top supplier of global road marking materials for the Chilean customers.

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