Shanghai 15th Intertraffic China Transportation Exhibition were successfully concluded

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The 15th Intertraffic China Transportation Exhibition in 2021 were successfully concluded on June 19th, and the three-day exhibition of TATU Group also came to a perfect end.


This exhibition has attracted thousands of spectators to participate in the exhibition. While TATU Group has attracted many customers depending on the largest booth area, the highest innovative and leading products,which has already become a eye-catching place in this exhibition, and has drawn the attention and gained praise from loads of customers.

 Review of spectacular :the most popular and most attracting booth

TATU group, as the unique exhibitor showcasing different sorts of road marking vehicles, not only made the participants greatly eye-opening and also proclaimed that Chinese enterprises owned the same topping R&D skills and high-class manufacturing capacities as the multinational enterprises.

WELL ROAD,as the subsidiary of TATU,showed the first upgraded edition of water blasting(cleaning) vehicle and multifunctional anti-buffer collision truck depending on original design talents of invention ,excellent performance ,and exquisite appearance.The most popular booth attracted more and more guests coming here, and endless business negotiations and trending topic online made TATU become the focus during this session.

The exhibition rings down the curtain

  TATU GROUP gained a lot as well in just three days.The staff on exhibition were all high-spirited, passionate, confident and professional.By light of their sincere attitudes, professional explanation and meticulous service,which seemed a beautiful scenery line during this exhibition, and made visitors recognize the modern enterprise style of TATU as a "non-family management" in the industry.


Looking forward to meeting with you again!

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