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colored anti-skid road primer and surface paint

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TATU colored anti-skid road primer and surface paint (adhesive) bring in German technology, as well as strict material and process control, TATU have the following main characteristics:

(1)、Mature products with excellent technology

Anti-skid road materials that are mixed up with active acrylic resin as the base material have been widely used in developed countries like Europe and the United States.As one of the earliest enterprises introducing this material which applied to anti-skid road construction, TATU Group  has gradually developed into one of the few enterprises in China that can not only fully grasp the production of colored anti-skid road materials, but also provide comprehensive construction services.

(2)、Road surface protection and good anti-skid safety performance

TATU colored anti-skid road primer can effectively seal the road surface, reduce or prevent road cracking, avoid road surface damage due to water resistance problems, and then significantly prolong the life of road service. The thickness can be 2-5mm and it features light weight, which will not increase the bearing burden of bridge and road foundation.So that it can significantly increase road roughness, shorten braking distance, and increase anti-skid performance.

(3)、Colorful and durable

We take color ceramic particles as anti-skid aggregate with a wide range of color and the color is durable, It has good tolerance of kerosene, gasoline, diesel and acid-alkali resolutions . It features good corrosion resistance, UV resistance, aging-resistance, no cracking in winter,while no softening in summer which is suitable for wide area .

(4)、Easy application and highly cost-effective

Construction process is simple without special equipment, and workers with certain paving experience are allowed to do construction work; The features of fast curing, short waiting period,   good temperature adaptability can maximize labor cost; Once paved,it can be used for many years, which significantly reduce repeated construction and maintenance cost .


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