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Ceramic particles

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TATU anti-skid road aggregate belongs to the international industry mainstream variety of —— body ceramic. This special materials were fired at high temperature, which features bright color inside and outside ,exposure resistance, acid and alkali resistance,and wear resistance.

This product has anti-skid and wear resistance, environmental protection and corruption resistance, low water absorption rate, bright color, never fade, hard and firm, and long service life, simple and convenient process.It is widely used in highway curves, ramps, urban roads, sidewalks and bicycle lanes and other special sections, as well as in large enterprises, universities, garden scenic spots, sports fields, parking lots and other specific areas, which is popular by domestic and foreign users.



Water absorption<2.0
Wear rate<20
Intensity1200--1450 kg/m3
Stacking density2.25--2.45 g /cm3
Optional colorred,grey,blue,green,yellow,white


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