Service commitment
Standardize the service system and establish quality standards

TATU fully absorbs the essence of international industry after-sales service specifications, and strictly follows the general after-sales service operation practice of ISO9000 quality management system, and gradually forms a pragmatic and efficient after-sales service implementation process that can meet the basic needs of customers, ensuring timely Provide customers with standardized, value-added and differentiated product after-sales services.

Quality management system
independent regulatory agency

At the same time, through the independent regulatory agencies, “TATU” dynamically assesses the work behavior of the company's after-sales service management organization and its staff by paying attention to the user experience and timely serving the service as a standard, and making timely decisions based on the assessment results. Should be handled.

After-sales training
Basic training

Such as the operation of marking machine, road marking construction knowledge and other knowledge. Through basic training, master the basic knowledge of the product's operating specifications, work rules, maintenance, safe operation, working environment.

Technical Training

The personnel using the TATU marking machine are familiar with the training related to their duties and operational skills, including job training, operation training, and common fault repair.

Professional Training

After mastering the operation specifications of this day-to-day marking machine product, the professional knowledge in mechanical engineering is theoretically improved. The professional training is a training with strong professionalism, single course and emphasis on knowledge and skills.

Maintenance service
Online guidance service

Through the telephone or network feedback product issues, the after-sales department sends experienced engineers to guide you to complete the repair of the product. This method can solve product problems for you as quickly as possible, with high efficiency and time saving.

Accessory service

When the product is damaged by large parts and no replacement parts can be found, you can contact the TATU Service Center. The headquarters and the central warehouse are equipped with all kinds of new and old models, and the accessories, sales and transmission networks of the various parts are perfect.

Dispatch repair service

If the product is seriously faulty and cannot be repaired by yourself, you can apply for “dispatch maintenance service” to TATU Service Center. We will quickly dispatch technical engineers to repair your faulty mechanical products.

Return visit
tracking customer data
Ask the customer's wishes and confirm the return visit time
Understand usage and real needs
Summary return visit information, processing comments and suggestions
Implement rectification and ensure that it is handled
Make an appointment Technical knowledge Service Network Logistics support
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