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Tiantu brand large ride-type normal temperature road marking machine exported to Greece

Tiantu brand large ride-type normal temperature road marking machine exported to Greece
Tiantu brand large ride-type normal temperature road marking machine exported to Greece
Project address: Greece
Application industry: Highway
Equipment: Ride type normal temperature road marking machine

On April 4, 2019, the large-scale ride-type road marking machine ordered by Greek customers was smoothly packed and shipped from Tiantu Road Group's comprehensive production base in Tiantu Road, Zhengzhou City Airport Port. The goods will be shipped from Qingdao Port exits and is transported to the port of Piraeus, the outer port of Athens, Greece.


From the International Marketing Center of Tiantu Road Group, the customer has a very rich industry experience and has used many of the same types of road marking machines produced by local European companies. After extensively inspecting and comparing the company's strength, manufacturing process, equipment performance, service and price, the customer gave high praise and recognition to Tiantu's ride-type road marking machine. In the end, Tiantu Road Industry stood out among many foreign competitors with its outstanding technical strength and considerate service, and successfully won the cooperation with this customer. After the execution of the batch of trial orders, the two sides will conduct a new round of negotiations on how to deepen cooperation.

Tiantu Road Group, as a leader in the research and development of domestic road marking machinery, has always adhered to the product development strategy of “high-end cutting, system leapfrogging and comprehensive promotion”, and has always been committed to R&D and manufacturing for different levels and different regional markets around the world. Various types of road marking machines have now developed into well-known manufacturing companies in the global industry.

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