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Thermoplastic convex road marking paint

Thermoplastic convex road marking paint
Thermoplastic road marking paint

TATU brand thermoplastic road marking paint is a kind of road marking material produced by hydrogenated petroleum resin as base material, high-quality stone powder and pigment as filler, and various imported additives as auxiliary materials. The advantages are quick drying, easy construction, best reflection in night and long service life. They are a type of conventional marking that can meet the long-term requirements better for asphalt pavement and concrete pavement marking.

Thermoplastic convex road marking paint

TATU adopts high quality raw materials to produce thermoplastic road marking paint, which is the fundamental
guarantee of having the first-class adhesive, good reflective and stability and other excellent quality. Besides,
according to the sedimentation rate of the glass beads in the coating, selected the high-quality glass microbeads
with different stable refractive index are uniformly mixed in the coating to ensure that the marking line always
keeping good reflection effect.

Marking surface micro-crack is a major technical problem in the domestic and international thermoplastic paint
industry. After long-term research by the company's scientific research personnel, through the addition of high
temperature resistant grease materials, functional physique materials and high weathering auxiliary materials in the
marking paint, it can effectively reduce or avoid the problem of micro-cracking of the coating during use.

Containing anti-slip material, it can make it have good anti-slip performance under the premise of ensuring good
leveling of marking paint; according to different construction conditions such as temperature, humidity and roadbed
condition during construction, it can be produced according to different formulas to ensures that the marking paint
keeping excellent drying speed and excellent anti-fouling properties.

In addition to the above advantages, THERMOPLASTIC CONVEX road marking paint also has good shape and
strong pressure resistance. Adopt high quality functional agents to ensure the shape of line having strong wear resistance and impact resistance, and it can be used for long-term without deformation or deformation.

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TATU strength

TATU is a professional brand of TATU traffic Group, which specializes in the research and development, production and supporting services of a full range of road marking and marking products represented by road marking machinery and road marking materials. 
After years of leaps and bounds development, “TATU” has become the world's standard road marking machinery varieties and the quantity, marking paint product varieties (standard) and base layout, as well as the completeness of the product chain, the number of exporting countries and comprehensive services. The world's leading international professional brand in terms of capabilities. Many of its products have filled the gaps in China, Asia and even the world, and the products as a whole are at the domestic or international leading position.

Industrial layout

Many domestic modern comprehensive production bases and specialized smart factories have formed a strong multi-legged and echoing trend, and the special products and professional services of the entire industrial chain of TATU. 

Innovation and development

The total investment in research and development accounts for more than 10% of the company's sales. The “TATU Road Special Product Technology Research Institute” is the world's largest road-specific machinery, facilities and materials 

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