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Henan local transportation industry event, writing a new chapter in the development of the Central Plains industry

Henan local transportation industry event, writing a new chapter in the development of the Central Plains industry
Date:2019/07/11 | Page View:21

On July 4, 2018, Tiantu Road Group was established on the basis of “high professionalism, providing the market with tangible innovative products and services, and increasing information exchange and experience exchange between industries”. In the Tiantu Road Group Zhengzhou Airport Port Production Base, the “First New Road Marking Line and New Road Marking Line Clearing and Cross-Annual Facilities Maintenance Technology Central Forum” was successfully held.

During the forum, the organizers will use the industry prospects, technical explanations, construction demonstrations, factory observations, experience exchanges, etc., to remove new lines, water-based and other environmentally friendly, functional markings, and use high-pressure water jet technology to remove marking lines and cleaning guardrails. New products, new technologies, and new processes such as refurbished pavements and recycled signs, such as marking removal and maintenance of facilities, will be explained, demonstrated and interacted.
This forum has created a new model of industry interactive sharing of “enterprise networking, industry participation, three-dimensional interaction and information sharing”, attracting more than 300 industry participants from 18 cities in Henan and more than 100 counties. Through the technical exchanges, on-site demonstrations, and on-the-spot visits, the event site comprehensively analyzed the status quo of the industry development, incisively explained new products and new process technologies, systematically described the development trend of the industry, and demonstrated the enterprise as the industry leader. The style of a century-old enterprise.

Participants expressed and expected that with the opportunity of this forum, the industry will be able to achieve a long-term mechanism for the regional “high-level forum for the construction of security facilities”.

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