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Small city atmosphere! Tiantu new technology, new products help Dunhuang city construction

Small city atmosphere! Tiantu new technology, new products help Dunhuang city construction
Date:2019/07/11 | Page View:10

Dunhuang, as a node city of the Silk Road, talk about it, what can you think of? Is it the famous "Dunhuang Grotto" or "Dunhuang Mural"? In fact, this border town in the westernmost part of the Hexi Corridor is not only famous for its rich tourism resources, but also because it has held many national and provincial important conferences such as the Silk Road International Cultural Expo in recent years. Well known.

We can't help but wonder why a small tourist town with a small scale and a small population has such a courageous and courageous atmosphere.

On July 12th, Tiantu Road Industry Group invited the regional strategic partners to carry out demonstration activities of road marking and new technology in Dunhuang. In just one day, we have a different understanding of this small town.

The extent to which a city accepts and applies new things reflects, to a certain extent, the high wisdom and courage of the ruling leader. Tiantu Road Group's new products and new technologies demonstrate national activities, and have gone through five provinces and six cities in the past six months. Local customers and owners have different perceptions and expectations for new technologies, but Dunhuang has made us feel a city that is brave enough to use innovative products and technologies to serve the people's livelihoods and the big picture.

The demonstration attracted a number of leaders from the relevant departments including the municipal government's main leaders, the Urban Construction Bureau, the Traffic Police Brigade, and the Luzheng. During the demonstration period, the leaders of the municipal government and the leaders of the competent authorities highly praised the outstanding characteristics of environmental protection, durability, reflective performance and application flexibility embodied in the two-way new road marking system of Tiantu. The energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and high-efficiency characteristics reflected by the multi-high pressure water removal technology have been appreciated. The service units that serve the municipal and road maintenance have also praised them.

In the subsequent communication session, Tiantu conducted in-depth communication and exchanges as a new product, new technology supplier, strategic partner and a group of owners, and reached a basic implementation cooperation intention.

"As long as the overall cost-effectiveness is high and it is beneficial to the people, there is no reason to not apply it." Dunhuang's ruling team is so pragmatic and so efficient. Perhaps this is why this small city is brave and dare to be the first.

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