Factory support

TATU Group, as the global leading enterprise in the field of R & D and manufacturing of the whole series of intelligent production lines for road special coatings and materials -- the general agent of Canada Great Road in Asia Pacific region has dozens of paint production equipment and the technical team of the whole factory design, installation, commissioning and operation training .TATU markings has the first class agent qualification of the whole series of road marking paint production equipment.We can provide various types of coating factory factory support according to customer needs.

Factory contracting service

Factory opening program TATU markings can give customers lots of service,such as investment analysis of the line marking industry, plant-built consulting and general planning, workshop and accessory buildings design, auxiliary equipment design, fire control and safety assessment, occupational disease prevention and control, the factory building construction, the full range of production facilities supply, factory building and production equipment installation, inspection of construction work.

Manufacturing line supply

Production Line plan We provide customers with automatic batching system, feeding system, mixing and dispersing system, grinding and filtration system, automatic packaging system (automatic bag/barrel feeding, automatic filling review, automatic coding and palletizing, etc.), automatic dust removal and odor removal system.

Technical support

Technical support plan According to the needs of customers, we provide plant buiding support, production line supply, formula design and other technical support, as well as coating production equipment transformation, production process improvement, process operation training and raw material testing.

Raw materials supply

Raw materials supply plan We have raw materials (including accessories) agent qualification of the international famous coating. Two modern marking special materials R & D and production capacity can provide industry customers road marking paint special materials and quality control. It also provide coating manufacturers with research and development, design, production, testing and other services.

OEM manufacturing service

OEM manufacturing plan We provide the OEM servive of the crack seal materials to satisfy needs of clients at all levels.
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