General contracting of line marking and line removing

We provide bidding, construction services for road marking projects in different region, and also provides customized supply of first-class marking materials.We try to build a regional or national industry exchange and interactive platform and bring in many excellent peripheral construction teams in all parts of the China together to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the road marking/removing market in each area, thus change the industry chaos that has restricted the healthy and sustainable development of the industry for a long time.Eventually we will create an industrialized ecosystem for the sustainable development of domestic industries.

Road marking construction design

With the help of senior domestic research institutes, we can issue the design scheme of the type,quantity and budget of the road through the field measurement of the people and traffic flow of the road or intersection to be marked, and also complete the design scheme of other traffic and security facilities according to the needs of customers.

Project cooperation

TATU Group has taken the lead in regional road marking.Most of these enterprises have large complete set of marking/removing construction machinery and first-class construction technology standards, professional engineering management system and the corresponding level of engineering construction qualifications.  And through the establishment of regional and national industrial alliances to cooperate to build the domestic road marking/line removal industry ecological chain.  TATU Group Partners and their associated customers can achieve win-win cooperation with customers through project cooperation. Engineer Construction
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