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TT-FFG-ITwo - component scraping road marking machine

Expert assessment:

No-gear variable speed driveTwo - way self - drive constant speed can be realized within the speed of 0 ~ 4km/h,which significantly reduce labor intensity and improve operating efficiency, it also effectively reduce the manpower input , so it is suitable for long continuous distance marking operation.
Smart operating system linear selection, mixing speed , mixing ratio of coating and curing agent can be  automatically controlled by panel. Clients can select the spreader automatic delay clutch system which can completely solve the problem that the glass beads at the wrong position.
Scraping systemScraping structure has a unique design . The thickness of marking line is even,and all the lines are in good order.In addition to the normal function , it also has the function of two - component vibrate line marking such as square shape and ribs (realized by replacing hopper). hydraulic (or electric) driven butterfly mixing blades inside features large torque, even and powerful mixing, reliable operation,which can guarantee the mixing between the paint and the curing agent evenly. The moving parts of the scraping hopper belong to buckle design style and it is more convenient and quick for disassembly, cleaning and maintenance.
Aluminum coating draw type spreaderAccording to construction requirements,you can adjust the volume and width of glass beads instead of exchanging frequently.
Good performance of anti-corrosion and anti-rustThe whole machine adopts high - grade electrophoresis coating or electroplating treatment, which can effectively improve life of the equipment with anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance.
Engine machine6.5HP gas engine
Driving systemExported continuous variable transmissions
Speed(m/h)Forward:0-4 Backward:0-3.2
Climbing capacity15°
Volume of coating tank(L)40
Volume of glass beads tank(L)14
Volume of Curing agent(L) 5
Marking depth(mm)Flat Line 1.5-3.0  Vibrate Line:5-9
Marking width(mm) Standard configuration:150(Selective configuration:50/100/200/250/300/350/400/450/500/600)
Appearance dimensions (mm) 1450x1350x1350


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