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TT-SCP180Hand-push two-component spraying machine

Expert assessment:

High - pressure non-pneumatic spraying systemTwo imported separate pump with the flow rate of 9L/min is a type of super wear - resistant plunger pump.the system features the large flow and stable pressure.The spraying pressure value can be adjusted between 0-20Mpa to satisfy different needs when it comes to depth and width of paint.The combination of the variable pump and the automatic reciprocating hydraulic cylinder in a way remove the driving electric driving control system,so that it can provide a continuous, lasting and stable driving force for the paint pump.
Efficient cooling systemLarge capacity aluminum hydraulic oil tan with the efficient cooling fan and radiator, which makes the hydraulic system can always maintain a good cooling effect in the  operation process.It can significantly prolong the life of system.
Comfortable handling experienceAll the devices provided gives operator a super comfortable handling experience.For example,the ergonomic handle, flexible and lightweight nozzle with control structure, multi - adjustable nozzle tripod, lockable steering wheel in the front.
Glass beads spraying systemLarge - capacity pressure-type glass bead tank is equipped with efficient drying system which effectively avoid glass beads to block gun. The spraying pressure, flow and spraying width of glass beads can be adjusted in line with the construction needs, which can fully meet the spraying requirements suggested by clients.
Good performance of anti-corrosion and anti-rustThe whole machine adopts high - grade electrophoresis coating or electroplating treatment, which can effectively improve life of the equipment with anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance.
Engine machine6.5HP gas engine
Air compressor displacement(m³/min)0.18
Volume of glass beads tank(L)18
Line marking stylehigh pressure airless spray technique
Coating pump flow(L/min)9
paint pump or control modeAutomatic Recprocating style and double pump
Rated maximum operating pressure (Mpa) 20
spraying gun setting Two set of Pneumatic spray gun
Marking width(mm) 50-500
Appearance dimensions (mm) 1740X1000X1250
Type of paintCold paint,Two-component marking paint,Water-based paint

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