With the continuous development of urban road traffic construction, the problems of materials, prices, processes, and construction periods of the scribing project can be solved in one stop.

Achieve one-person equipment to solve all marking projects. The ride-type marking machine is a high-end road marking device with high construction efficiency, high quality, high safety and environmental protection.

The mountain route has a certain slope due to the influence of the mountainous terrain. With the ride-type marking machine, only one person can complete various types of mountain road scribing construction efficiently, easily and labor-savingly.

With the implementation of the parking space, the hot melt marking machine and the cold spray marking machine can work directly, and the whole machine is light and convenient to construct.

With the improvement of living conditions, parking is becoming more and more tense, and road traffic marking, parking space marking and indicating arrows can easily solve the problem of parking shortage in the yard by using a special road marking machine.

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