Strategic Planning
development Goals
  To meet the multi-species crossed the road construction needs, high-performance, clustered product development for the production path to a full range, portable one-stop service for the market to meet customer goals, adhere to a comprehensive innovation and refinement 
benefits Manufacturing (Management) renovation and operation of road marking equipment (materials) and delivery security facilities in the manufacturing industry, in the international industry will be the first operated by the road marking product upgrades to be able to fully reflect the international advanced technology and material 
material of world-class, international road Marking products and iconic companies in the specialty service industry.
Business strategy
With the "high-end cut-in, cluster span, vertical extension, comprehensive advancement" as the product development and production strategy. With "product specialization, high-tech technology, market globalization, capital socialization" as the business development strategy. 
With the vision of “Innovation Excellence, Hing Enterprise Reporting” as the corporate vision, the company fully implements the core values ​​of “three products (enterprise products, personal products, products) and quality first”. 
The basic behavioral concept of employees is to “find the way for success and not to make excuses for failure”.
01"Four fundamental" business strategy guiding ideology
Doing the innovation of two core tasks of products and services is the ultimate ability of enterprises
Innovation of Two Core Work of Products and Services is the Foundation of Enterprise Ability
Dealing with the "three relationships" is fundamental to market operations (the relationship between scale, quality and brand)
Do a good job of "three grasps" for the foundation of the company's take-off (globalization level, expansion of fields, innovation and upgrading)
02Industry Positioning
Based on a profound analysis of the global economic situation, market demand, competitors and its own advantages, TATU will continue to implement its usual professional business strategy and unswervingly continue to position the leading industries in the field of marking products. On this basis, we pay close attention to the development of other road traffic safety ancillary facilities industries closely related to the marking products, and ensure that the company becomes a benchmark enterprise in the global transportation safety facilities production industry.
03Competitive Strategy
Tatu will make full use of the rare opportunities of global globalization and adopt a comprehensive cost leadership strategy for foreign competitors. By further improving the productivity of all employees, controlling management costs, financial costs and using existing marketing networks to reduce marketing costs, to maintain and strengthen the competitive advantage of the company's products in terms of cost.
Product differentiation
Variety differentiation
Quality differentiation
Service differentiation
04Action Strategy
one liter
Improve overall quality level
Two drops
Reduce costs and reduce inventory backlog
Three strengthening
Strengthen marketing service, strengthen account management and strengthen process management
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