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In the cooperation with various stakeholders such as product purchase customers, franchisees and material suppliers, TATU Road has explored a series of win-win symbiosis practices based on the concept of cooperation, win-win and tolerance in light of its own reality. experience. Whether you want to buy, join or plan to provide competitive materials, TATU Road Industry will be your best partner!
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In accordance with the concept of sincerity, considerateness, mutual benefit and tolerance, we have passed “pre-sales consultation”, “sales-responsible”, “after-sales training”, “maintenance service”, “product tracking”, “user return visit” and “service commitment”. And other means, for the purchase of TATU products (services) to provide "God-like" services, pre-sales for the user planning, sales responsible for the user, after-sales customer satisfaction; always safeguard the customer's interests is our The ultimate goal.
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TATU determines the franchisee target group that suits you according to the market positioning, product characteristics and channel characteristics of the product. TATU pays attention to the long-term development of the company and requires franchisees to have the economic strength and operational capability to operate the market. At the same time, TATU also provides perfect product training, technical guidance and market promotion support for each of the participating allies, ensuring mutual benefit and mutual benefit between the cooperative allies and sharing market development results.
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It is well known that the manufacturing industry is a multi-resource-dependent industry. Only by rationally, efficiently and honestly utilizing the resources of all parties, and integrating the concept of sustainable development into the operation of the entire industrial chain, can it be neutral in the industry competition. invincible position. 
Based on the understanding of such industry chain, “TATU Supply Chain” deeply roots the concept of sustainable development in every link of the supply of the industry chain. Through the links of material supply and parts manufacturing, a complete green supply chain and one The quality chain of quality control throughout the whole process not only lays the foundation for the quality manufacturing of TATU, but also ensures that TATU can 
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