About Us
TATU is a professional brand of TATU Road Group, which specializes in the research and development, production and supporting services of a full range of road traffic marking and marking products represented by road marking machinery and road marking materials. 
After years of leaps and bounds development, “TATU” has become the world's standard line machinery category and production number, marking paint product varieties (standard) and base layout, as well as the completeness of the product chain, the number of exporting countries and comprehensive services. The world's leading international professional brand in terms of capabilities. Many of its products have filled the gaps in China, Asia and even the world, and the products as a whole are at the domestic or international leading position.
033 major operation centers 088 production bases 268268 technical experts team 38003800 customer cases
In the future, TATU will continue to promote its technological innovation vitality, lean manufacturing advantages and customer experience tradition. Through its first-class technical research institutions, 9 modern manufacturing plants and a number of capable and efficient marketing service teams, we are committed to these roads. R&D, manufacturing and sales of special products for marking and other road traffic safety ancillary facilities. With the path from small to large, from big to strong, from China to the world, TATU will help customers to enhance their value in a wider area and with higher standards.
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