Development path
Focus follow-up phase
In 1998, the company was formally incorporated and the R&D production team of the marking line was formally established. 
In 1999, the company's first specialized chemical plant was completed and put into operation in Yingbin Road, Zhengzhou City. 
In 2002, the business expanded to paint special resin synthesis and marking paint production. In the same year, the marking machinery engineering research institute was established.
Diversified operation stage
In 2003, various basic types of road marking machinery were launched. In the same year, the first batch of “secondary maintenance construction qualifications for highways” was approved in Henan Province. 
In 2004, the “TATU” brand and the company were respectively named “Henan Famous Trademarks”. "And Henan Province is a contract-honoring and trustworthy enterprise"; 
In 2005, the traffic signal production workshop and signage production workshop were completed and put into production, and the "Special qualification for highway construction traffic safety facilities" was approved. 
In 2006, the overseas market expansion work was substantive. In the same year, he won the “Advanced Enterprise of Export and Foreign Exchange in Henan Province”; 
In 2007, he successfully developed the first ride-type road marking machine and two-component marking machine in China. In the same year, he was awarded the “Patent Application for Henan Industrial Enterprises”. Top ten companies.
Multi-brand expansion stage
In 2008, the road marking vehicle was successfully developed, and the “TATU” full range of marking machinery products were put into production in batches. 
In 2009, the world's largest single-factor marking production line specialized production base was located in TATU Road, Zhengzhou Airport District. The TATU Industrial Park was completed and put into operation, and the Zhengzhou Operation Center of the Group was put into operation in the park. In recognition of the extraordinary development achievements of TATU Road Industry for many years, the government has specially approved the name of “Zaoyuan Road” in front of Zhengzhou Industrial Park as “Tianlu Road”;
2010, filling machine and filling The series of products were introduced; the Nanchang, Guilin and Lanzhou factories were completed and put into production; “Henan Provincial Road Marking Machinery Engineering Technology Center” was established in Tiantian Zhengzhou Industrial Park; 
In 2011, Shenzhen Transportation Electronics R&D Center was formally established, full series The research and development of smart transportation products has been fully launched. In 2012, the company launched two international professional brands: “Wei Duo Duo” Machinery and “ Lu Sida” Electronics. 
In 2013, the Bohai Sea Road Chemical Production Base and Nantong Weida Multi-purpose Vehicle Production Base were successively approved and started. Construction
Group development stage
In 2014, “TATU Road Industry Group” was approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Shanghai Operation Center of the Group was completed and put into operation. 
In 2015, the Nantong Transportation Electronics Production Base was completed and put into operation. In the same year, the centralized coordinated intelligent signal machine passed the quality inspection of the Ministry of Public Security testing center and entered the market in batches. 
In 2016, the Group Zhengzhou Machinery Research Institute, the Shanghai Chemical Industry Research Institute, and the Group North Operation Center were successively established and fully operational; 
In 2018 The “Southwest Road Chemical Products Integrated Production Base and Southwest Operation Center” started construction in Chengmei Petrochemical Park
In 2019, “Central Plains Headquarters and Road Specialized Product Industrialization Demonstration Park” was signed in Xinxiang Industrial Park in the north of Zhengzhou.
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