TATU Group has several modern paint and material production bases in China.We have automatic intelligent production facilities and full series of road marking materials/paint production lines in each base, and our company is the first road special equipment manufacturing factory in China that can produce various types of road marking vehicles  The enterprise can fundamentally guarantee the performance, construction speed and safety of large line marking equipment and other industries development bottlenecks and weak points.

Provincial highway cooperation

In accordance with the concept of cooperation, win-win and tolerance, TATU works with all parties and then seek development through cooperation, promote development through innovation, and resolve differences through development. In terms of the industrial chain, TATU Group actively creats the cooperation model. Through profit reduction, credit payment, equipment support, etc., it has promoted the improvement of the overall level and localization rate of special road engineering products, and brought more business to related partners. Seek cooperation

Cooperation process in Expressway

Regional cooperation

At present, the domestic expressway management authorities are facing the basic completion of the expressway network, and have gradually entered the stage of systematic management,which has become an important subject of all levels of highway management system. This provides an objective possibility for TATU Group to make deep and sustainable cooperation with the expressway management system by establishing a mixed ownership company with the expressway management agency, or providing the expressway management agency with the service of marking/removing the line .
Seek cooperation

Regional cooperation process

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